Logitech Solutions IT infrastructure offerings are designed keeping in mind the key challenges organizations face in areas of managing and controlling IT infrastructure at the center and building our services around them. Our cost-effective customized services are designed to address customer concerns and challenges at each layer within the Enterprise's Infrastructure Technology stack including Desktops, Servers, Networks, Security, Email management etc. Our modular approach allows us to tailor our services precisely to the customer’s long-term needs - so they can take advantage of as many, or as few, of our services as they need to achieve their business goals. Our end-to-end service offering right from Consulting/Design to Deploy/Manage help them achieve their business objectives through entire lifecycle of the IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud Services
  • Network Services
  • Security services
  • IT Help Desk Services
  • Email, messaging and collaboration services
  • IT Administration and Support services
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Software Packaging and Deployment ervices

Network Services Logitech Solutions network services center on the key needs of Availability, Reliability, Scalability, Manageability and Security for the corporate network. Our solutions encompass the complete lifecycle of any network infrastructure, ranging from network design and architecture planning, network audit, implementation and ongoing monitoring support. Our solutions comprise of network implementations, network device configuration, LAN/WAN and voice/data/video integration and Wireless LAN setup amongst other things.

Security Services Security is the most important aspect for any organization, given today's open-communication networking and the need to share valuable business information. While tracking is one component of IT security, recognizing and protecting the network/servers/application against potential security threats to information and information systems, is also very critical. Chetu understands that Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability are the prime concerns for any organization who are using Information Systems and security is not longer just an IT department concern area but encompasses the overall organization.

Analysis - Risk Assessment and Security Audits
Security Monitoring and Management
Security Training – Policy, Awareness and Management
IT Help Desk Services In today's dynamic IT environment, businesses need to find ways to remain focused on their core competencies and business issues, reduce maintenance and support costs, and improve end-user productivity. In the light of these concerns, there is a strong need for a well-managed infrastructure to support rapidly growing businesses.
Email, messaging and collaboration services At the core of any business is its capability to build a strong and reliable communication platform. To provide time-critical and accurate information to their customers, business users should be able to network and collaborate with various counterparts irrespective of their location. With the advent of messaging and collaboration tools it is imperative that organizations be able to adopt and integrate these tools to provide a unifying platform for the users. IT Administration and Support services In today’s competitive environment and advent of newer tools and technologies, IT teams face various challenges to learn and administer the Enterprise infrastructure. Constant training is needed for the IT staff to implement day-to-day administration for the new tools and upgrades.
With the right mix of onsite and offshore team, Logitech solutions provides a highly cost-effective and lucrative service offering to outsource IT administration. Our consultants and administrators are trained on the latest tools and technologies and add their combined global expertise in customer implementations. Our ability to provide one-stop solutions takes away the need for businesses to manage multiple vendors. Some of our services under this umbrella include
User Management and administration – Day-to-day administration related to user management, access and security in various enterprise environments include Microsoft Active Directory and Novell Netware.
Data administration – Administration of industry standard databases like Oracle, SQL server, DB2 amongst others. This includes database design and implementation, optimization, large-scale data migration, database backup/recovery etc. Server administration - We ensure that the servers and storage management devices are up and running always as per business requirements. Chetu has focused team of experts working on administration and support activities for various customers worldwide. The support group has skilled administrators for various platforms such as Windows, Sun Solaris, AIX, HP UX and Linux Remote access administration – Catering to the telecommuters and the “always on road” sales team, our services implement secure and reliable platforms that allow seamless access to the enterprise.
Network administration – Administration and troubleshooting of network devices including routers, gateways and firewalls. Backup and disaster recovery services The growth of computing devices has led to increased dependence on storage and retrieval of digital information. Sensitive and public information needs to be securely backed up and stored regularly to quickly come out of catastrophic disasters. IT recovery processes need to be implemented to minimize business downtime.
Software Packaging and Deployment services As the organizations grow larger and spread across geographies, the complexity increases when each group, department or division requires a different set of applications above and beyond the core load. To reduce total cost of ownership per client customer’s need to find the most effective manner to load, support and continually upgrade end user applications.

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Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...
Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...
Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...