System Integration

An ideal solution requires a completely integrated enterprise capable of handling your entire industry and organization specific tasks and procedures. At Logitech solutions, we have spent considerable time analyzing and providing solutions to our customers. We have years of experience in integrating diverse systems, applications and platforms. Aligned with our strong internal processes, we collaborate effectively with customers and their IT organizations to create an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform that suits their business needs. Our approach has enabled us to execute large-scale turnkey projects, right from conceptualization to implementation, very effectively. Some of our services include

  • Technology architecture planning, design and implementation
  • Integration with external entities
  • Consolidated reporting across the Enterprise

Technology architecture planning, design and implementation

Technology Architecture is a critical determining factor of business survival and success. A technology architecture that supports the IT strategy and provides the flexibility to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation is a key to business adaptability and growth. A good architecture provides a plan for managing IT investments that is aligned with business objectives

We understand that choosing the right technical platform and architecture plays a significant role in our customer’s ability to quickly adapt and integrate future tools and technologies. Our planning and design phases addresses the key questions like The complete incident management process is handled through multiple tiers. With the ultimate level that may or may not involve our customer

  • Does this technology architecture address current business needs?
  • Will this architecture be scalable to future needs?
  • What is its estimated lifespan? Can it handle higher capacity and growth?
  • Can it adapt and easily integrate with future tools and technologies?
  • Are the platforms used in this architecture too proprietary and result in higher costs for future maintenance?
  • Does this architecture and corresponding platforms limit the organization to a select few dying breed of technical resources? Or is it standards based and can be supported by readily available resource pool?

Integration with external entities To maximize efficiency, today’s businesses demand free-flow of information with customers, vendors and other partners. IT teams often struggle with the mammoth task of being able to seamlessly and transparently able to integrate with external systems without compromising security and other keys aspects.

Consolidated reporting across the Enterprise Enterprise reporting and Business Intelligence solutions require the ability to collect and extract information from diverse platforms. Information should then be dissected, analyzed and properly presented to management providing a unified view of all systems across the enterprise.

Logitech solutions has implemented standards-based BI & reporting solutions for its customers that provide that very same unified view. We have worked across numerous platforms and if needed implemented custom modules that allow standards based information extraction. Per the customer and/or specific reporting need, this information may be presented through an intermediary layer or in real-time for management. We understand that technology is a tool for business efficiency and for it to accomplish goals. Businesses should not be restricted by technical implementations to be able to move forward.

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Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...
Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...
Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...
Self research helps while hunting a suitable website development...